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In a Facebook world, who needs Flickr?

Flickr Death match time.  Will Facebook kill Flickr?

Facebook is already the world's largest photo sharing site.  Everyone and their aunt are actively "photo-blogging" everything, from our vacations to our work events to our personal lives.  Facebook has most of us photo sharing and commenting.  In a world full of Facebook, who needs Flickr?

Flickr has the avid photo semi-pro community, Facebook has the rest of us.  Flickr has rich licensing and subscription options.  Flickr has click to purchase prints.  Flickr has great photo search functionality.

In a world of Facebook who needs Flickr? 

  • As a blogger, I rely on Flickr for most of my Creative Commons licensed images.
  • When going to events, I appreciated the Flickr account streams.
  • There is artistry on Flickr that you just don't find elsewhere.  Artists look to Flickr, but in my experience have also begun to embrace Facebook.
  • As a normal person, I love Facebook's privacy options and built-in social graph.

Facebook could easily mimic much of what Flickr offers with stronger licensing, subscription and search options.  But the rich community resident on Flickr isn't going to jump ship overnight.