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book review: microMARKETING


Summary: Remarkably refreshing content.  Size matters, but meaning matters more.  Ignite a passion and the few will engage the many.

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Every business book feels the same.

Take one fairly rational point and blow the hell out of it.  The first chapter sets the stage, the second introduces the concept and framework and the next six or so chapters present case study after case study.  If it's a book about social media, three or so of those chapters will be about how big business just doesn't get it.  Finally (mercifully) the final chapter wraps it all up with a summary, some filler and a plug or two.

Greg Verdino's  microMARKETING follows a similar approach but just doesn't feel like a business book.  It feels like a book about people.

Greg focuses a simple yet profound premise (in my own words):

It's not just about scale and it's not all about the long tail.  It's about meaningful interactions that ignite the passion to embody and share.  These small interactions ignite movements that net remarkable results.

Having introduced his/her hypothesis, most authors go on to bore us with case study after overworn case study.  However, where most business books tend to feel monotonous, Greg's personality, writing style and personal passion keep the book moving.  His presentation is remarkably fresh and punchy.  Sure, he covers Susan Boyle and many of the usual suspects, but he also hits on a number of pretty fresh examples, like Samsung SSD Awesomeness and B&H.  And best of all, Greg gets his points across without belaboring the point.  Short and punchy stories keep the pages turning.

Another remarkably noteworthy aspect of this book is the lack of big brand bashing.  While Greg is sure to give his clients the space they surely occupy in his day-to-day thoughts, there is a noticeable lack of the usual they don't get it messaging.  On behalf of all of us, THANK YOU!!!

Bottom Line

If you like Greg's blog, speaking style or presentations then you'll love his book.  It's roughly 260 pages of Greg doing what he does best, telling a story...  plus a few pages of filler exercises to make sure you've internalized everything you've just read.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, now you go buy it.