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Evil or Genius?

Updated: Eating Humble Pie


Updated:  Yesterday I vented here about people who act like they know it all.  In retrospect, the post was a bit harsh and I've updated this post to better reflect my sentiments.

None of us know everything.  What I love most about this industry is that most of the people who have built a great reputation are genuinely nice people.

The only people that claim to know it all are by and large chest-thumping.  So please, before you come into a meeting or presentation with the attitude that you know it all (acting like a jerk who is a guru of all things social), please consider the list below:

A true expert:

  • knows how all the major digital social platforms work
  • knows why each of the major digital social platforms work
  • appreciates how to tap into the behavior that drives users in social
  • knows all of the various technology considerations in developing in these environments
  • appreciates and knows how to work with paid media
  • appreciates and knows how to work with traditional and digital pr
  • appreciates and knows how to work with creative agencies
  • appreciate and knows how to work with CRM and DR partners
  • appreciates and knows how to facilitate with measurement and analytics
  • has the appropriate partner relationships to bring these technologies to life
  • knows how to organize a team and process to make everything work
  • has the leadership to manage a cross discipline team
  • has superb patience and team work skills
  • is able to guide and participate in a team alongside those who think they know more than they do, but be able to land the ship with the best possible solution
  • understands the brand's business and communications needs and opportunities internally and externally
  • is super creative and well spoken, articulate and able to present beautifully
  • is a master politician who know how to navigate the real world that is corporate business to get social done
  • is a great project manager and facilitator who can scope out a project and hit each goal and milestone
  • knows what he or she doesn't know and knows who and how to engage to fill the gaps
  • has proven repeated success in all of the above

Nobody has everything worked out, knows it all and has the perfect answer to everything.  Nobody.

Don't act like you do.

The people who really get this space don't have all the answers and generally acknowledge that they don't.  They have some great consideration sets. They have great thoughts.  They have great discussions.  And I urge everyone to join the discussion.  The more that you engage, the more that you will realize you have so much more to learn.

If you want to be viewed as smart, spend more time reading that you do writing.  When you do start doing, please be sure to engage all of us so we can learn together.

All of us could use little more informed, creative, strategic, smart, personal, collaborative thinking.