learning not to listen
If everyone is talking, why don't we care?

Awareness matters, action matters more #AOC3 #BAD10

Charity is a funny thing.  In social media we have all grown used to giving through a brand.  I become a fan and the brand gives money to charity.  In this system, everybody wins: the charity raises funds, the brand gets fans and the invidual raises awareness around the brand and the charity.

Awareness matters for charity.  It's the top of the funnel.  The world won't get behind a cause they have never heard of, and as people we are probably more likely to get behind a cause their friends are already behind.

But awareness never changed the world.  The net goal has to be real action.  Real money going to real people taking real action.  This is why Charity Water is a strong and promising brand and this is why efforts like the Age Of Conversation 3 are so great. 

Speaking of, if you haven't yet purchased your copy of Age Of Conversation 3, what are you waiting for?  When a couple hundred strong thinkers (and me) get together, you're sure to learn a thing or two about social media.  AND, all proceeds go to support Charity Water.  So go ahead and buy your copy today!  And don't forget to tell your friends!

How?  Simple, follow these three steps, then rinse and repeat as desired.

  1. Buy a copy of Age of Conversation 3 for each of your clients – they’ll love it and they’ll love you:
  2. Make an additional donation to charity: water 
  3. Insert the Blog Action Day widget on your blog