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If everyone is talking, why don't we care?

Really Every six to eight weeks a major media outlet or two run a story about the death of privacy online.  Whether it's online ad companies supposedly breaking the rules or users opting into the ridiculous platforms or terms, these stories are the topic du jour for a day and then seem to disappear for another few weeks.  

Which begs the question; if everyone is worried about this today, why don't we act on it or talk about it tomorrow?  Do we really care?

We've been trained to be skeptical

If we truly catered to the media's every theatrical concern we would all be living in bunkers.  The sun causes cancer and too much chocolate will both kill you via diabetes and help prevent cancer.  Between Glenn Beck and Bill Maher we should all be terrified of the prospect of movement in any direction.  

There's a reason that Gen Y and Millenials are turning to Comedy Central for their daily news commentary.  We stopped believing in the traditional media a long time ago.  The incredibly fake enthusiasm, the artificial light conversation between the anchors, the constant threat of something lurking where you least expect it and the high and mighty name calling have eroded our trust and frankly, the media's relevancy.  

We care, it's just not a priority

Deep down we care about our privacy.  We care about our health.  We care about politics.  We just don't care all that much.  Because in reality, we aren't going to change based on media hysteria, they've trained us to view them with a grain of salt.  We care about what our friends care about (not all the crazy ones, just the ones we trust).  We care about what our friends arrive at a consensus around caring about.

Conclusion: We care with our friends, we act with our friends

We don't care because you the media tell us to.  We've learned better.

We don't care because you the media give us something to talk about.  But we'll probably discuss it for a minute or two.

We care about what our friend's not only talk about, but take action around.

When our friends leave social due to privacy concerns, we will most probably leave.  As right now this is just talk, this story is little more than talk.