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Why I love working in Social Business

Social Brands & Collaborative Storytelling

234606376_35001b11fd_b A brand's success as a social brand is driven by the community's social consensus.  Social consensus is a reflection on our collective experiences.  

A good storyteller knows how to command attention and communicate his or her message.  A great storyteller knows how to elicit a particular response.  A social storyteller knows her to elicit a response that will elicit further response, as well as how to interact with this exchange over time.

Social Brands stand apart from a Brands Playing In Social when they go beyond embracing collaborative storytelling and begin driving the engagement overall.  Haughty Brands Playing In Social seek to drive before they have qualified their value to the community.  Responsive Brands Playing In Social focus on the needs of the community, offering social customer service and possibly socially responsive products.

Social Brands start by establishing their value and contributing as a member of the community.  But what makes Social Brands stand apart is their vision and leadership ability, inspiring and driving new conversations.  Being responsive and responsible doesn't make you a successful Social Brand, it's the cost of entry.  Creativity and social engineering is what makes a Social Brand stand apart.