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The Social Strategist's Serenity Prayer

Why I love working in Social Business

4588770889_f9892e3614_b People Are Good

People are inherently good.  They want to do good things and serve as contributing members to society.  They want to help one another, they want to be appreciated and they want to be productive. They want to succeed and when they don't feel threatened, they want their peers to succeed as well.  People want to accomplish and take pride in these accomplishments.

Traditional Corporate Culture Challenges The Good In People

Unfortunately, corporate culture and operations don't always reward those with the best intentions and on-the-job executions.  When business divisions are fighting for limited funding and practice areas are heavily focused on their individual business unit KPIs, protectionary silos often form (to the detriment of the business and the customer).  Fairly top-down management structures view their employees as assets for the business rather than the drivers of the business.  The business ultimately becomes a series of numbers rather than a collection of people.  Productivity drops, morale sinks and the business's cultural identity fizzles.

Social Business Brings Back The Good In People

When done well, social business is beautiful.  Social Business connects and reconnects people as people.  Social Business is human.  Social Business rewards our natural desire to connect with one another, to be a part of a team, to collaborate and support one another.  Social Business makes work less like work.  Social Business makes our every interaction more human, more meaningful and more enjoyable.  Social Business makes the status meetings feel less like check-ins and more like reunions.  And by celebrating the human drivers of the business, a more vibrant cultural identity emerges.

The Hallmarks of a Social Business (Culture)

Social Business isn't just about corporate structure or business design; it's a culture that is driven as much from the top as it is from the bottom.  Social Business recognizes that we are all human and celebrates this humanity and individuality.  Social Business recognizes the power held by the top while celebrating the ideas and individual initiative of the bottom.  Social Business treats people (employees and customers) like people.  Social Business celebrates the business objective over the business unit, and measures performance accordingly.  Social Business rewards contributions, contributors and collaborators across the various business silos.  Social Business invites feedback and values relationships as the true assets they are to the business. 


In a world where technology can easily be mistaken for solutions, social infuses the business with the humanity that drives us.  Social Business isn't just a more productive way of doing business; it's a more pleasant way to business.  And that is why I love working in Social Business.


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