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Social Can Take Down Governments, But Can It Build?

5 Lessons Brands Can Learn from Hosni Mubarak #Egypt #Jan25

  1. 1195670569_7014759b86_z Social media is fueled by real people with real concerns.  Not everyone in social is serious all of the time, but social media is a reflection of our society.  Social is the cause and social is the effect, and it's fueled by real people.
  2. You cannot turn off the conversation.  You can't stop people from talking.  You cannot control the conversation.  The community defines the consensus.  Leaders don't force, they lead.
  3. Social media isn't a technology.  It's a form of communications.  You can shut down a technology, but necessity will drive ingenuity.  Social media is about people and their passions, about the connections and conversations they have.
  4. Your target market doesn't live in a vacuum.  We live in a global neighborhood.  The experiences people have in a remote corner of the world can change your reality.  
  5. The pace of change has changed.  We live in real time.  We talk in real time.  Information flows in real time.  When people have a passion, they will find one another.  When their message resonates, the world is ready to believe and be inspired.


On a personal note, I feel privileged to live in our era.  The world is changing and quickly.  Twitter didn't topple a government, the people did.  And with this power and new-found democracy, comes responsibility.  A responsibility to respect all of humanity, regardless of their religions or races.

Egypt still has a tough road ahead.  There are elements of major political factions within Egypt that do not believe in basic human rights.  These dark parties sided with the Nazis 60 years ago and protested Egypt's peace agreements with Israel.  These parties still do not believe in equal rights for women.  These parties pose significant danger to the freedom Egypt has fought so long and hard to win.

In this moment of joy I urge all of you take a moment and pray for the future of the Egyptian nation.  There is a lot to celebrate.  And there is a lot to build.