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This Facebook Page MUST COME DOWN

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UPDATE: Facebook shut down this page.  Kudos Facebook!

UPDATE: UPDATE: A second Third Intifada page is up on FB with over three million members.  Please go to the page and report it.  Share the message, save a life.

I'm a huge fan of Facebook.  Their platform offers an incredible opportunity for engineering social change.  The world has witnessed this power first-hand as grassroots movements took down deeply entrenched evil regimes all across the Middle East.   

But there is a black and white line between social change for evil and social change for good.  To me, that line is drawn when it comes to the indiscriminate murder of civilians.  

It is our moral imperative as a people who value freedom and human life to report this page to Facebook. 

Contrary to the reporting in the majority of the western media, Intifada in this context does not refer to a peaceful protest or uprising, nor does a refer to a structured or ethical military effort.  The first two Palestinian Intifadas brought the indiscriminate murder of dozens (if not hundreds) of innocent civilians.  This isn't a matter of dispute, it's a fact.

Over the past two weeks, Israeli civilians have one again been repeatedly attacked.  From the small band of barbarians who murdered a family and their children in their sleep through the military launching of mortars into civilian areas, followed by this morning's bus bombing in Jerusalem, this terror and barbarism is real.

Regardless of your political stance, there is no place in rational political discourse or negotiation when there is the threat of intentional violence against civilians.  This isn't a negotiation tactic.  It hurts everyone on both sides of the table.  

Enough is enough.  TAKE A STAND.  Report this page to Facebook.  Share this with message your friends and social networks.  You have the ability to make a difference.  Let's make a statement that cannot be ignored.

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