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Safe Social Marketing : What Every Social Marketer Should Learn From Chrysler

3431203874_d0ec158204_b Dozens of people likely have access to your brand's core social accounts.  Across the brand and their agencies, there are likely many people who may not be the most savvy with admin access to your Facebook, Blog and Twitter accounts.  From the measurement gurus through your community managers, customer service representatives, media, creative, and corporate communications folks, it's easy to see how this admin list can become unwieldy.  If you aren't practicing Safe Social Marketing, every one of them, from the internal brand managers through outside social consulants is a potential liability.

Safe Social Marketing doesn't just mean restricting all access.  It starts with using your third party solutions and multiple-user level access capabilities to limit potential exposure.  An analytics lead should be limited to measurement.  A smart agency partner or advisor should be baking this into core vendor review criterea and deployment solutions.  

The next step is education.  Every company must institute some level of Social Awareness and Responsibility Training on what it means to have admin access to a page.  This isn't just about training agencies, it's about training everyone at the brand as well.  Once someone has clicked to "Use Facebook As Page" they have the ability to inflict real damage on the brand.  Every accidental personal Like and comment will be broadcast as coming from the brand.  The same is true of people using Twitter - once you're logged in as the brand, every Tweet will come from the brand until you log out.

In an ideal world, every social platform would create stop-gaps and multiple user levels.  But until that day comes, it is no longer acceptable to simply add a junior analyst to your admin list so they can gather analytics.  Professional marketers need to leverage professional grade third-party solutions.  

It's time to start taking Safe Social Marketing seriously.