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Social CRM - The Platform Challenge (Congrats Radian 6 and SalesForce!)

The Social CRM space is still fairly new, but it's going to be huge.  As social hits the enterprise and organizations look to reconfigure their solutions to deliver streamlined coordination, measurement and efficiency, Social CRM and Social-Friendly Organizational Design are going to be essential business practices.  

A strong Social CRM solution does all of the following:

  • Monitors the online conversation
  • Employs single user IDs across multiple social networks (knows that I'm @jonburg on Twitter, the Jon Burg that's your fan on FB, and FlyerJB on FlyerTalk) to establish true customer-level tracking
  • Enables rich workflow, collaboration and participation similar to and in alignment with your traditional contact center and CRM databases (ex email databased)
  • Enables team collaboration via the platform across departments
  • Delivers rich analytics on brand level activity, agent/community manager level activity and customer value
  • Delivers insights based on not just product mentions and social dialogue, but peer interactivity and network proximity (does this person's network discuss your industry, your product and if so, how?)
  • Integrates with traditional CRM channels to deliver data integration to enable both informed agent interactivity and 360 CRM analytics

 On that note, I'd like to wish a warm congratulations to the entire team over at Radian6 on joining the SalesForce team.  It's been a pleasure working with you, and we wish you only continued success.