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10 Reasons Marketers Need Twitter Brand Pages

Twitter_newbird_boxed_whiteonblue The rumored forthcoming Twitter brand pages hold tremendous promise for marketers.  While the current one-level meets all solutions on Twitter have largely defined the dynamic and the unique opportunity for marketers, there are a number of solutions that I believe could maintain this dynamic while adding richer functionality for marketers.  

My Twitter Brand Pages Wishlist

  1. Simplicity.  Twitter has long been about uber-simplicity.  Added features shouldn't impact the current user experience on their Twitter account, but rather should enhance the marketers ability to customize their own Twitter pages as well their ability manage and measure their Twitter activities.
  2. A dedicated area for displaying legal copy.  Many brands require long legal disclaimers or notifications.  With the redesign, we lost most of the background.  We would like it back.  
  3. Feature related brand accounts.  Many brands have a dedicated account for each business practice or support team.  A dedicated area for featuring these accounts, or employees would be great.
  4. CoTag Integration.  Many brands sign their tweets with a ^Name or ^Initials.  Let us click on the name to view a user profile (or possibly personal Twitter account).
  5. GeoTargeting.  One account, everywhere in the world, targeted by geography or language or some combination of both.
  6. Event/Promotions/Hashtags Integration.  Brands are running campaigns and buying media.  Give them an area (even if it's for a free) to feature this on their Twitter page.
  7. Historical Twitter analytics.  How has our following, @mentions, retweets, network reach, link traffic etc tracked over time?  Not every free tool is the most accurate.
  8. Integrated Twitter-branded scoring.  How about making Twitter's resonance score from Sponsored Tweets available as a branded performance score for marketers?  This could easily become the Net Promoter Score for Twitter business accounts.
  9. Integrated all-in-one analytics, together with a solid API.  Imagine seeing your resonance score, alongside your brand-generated link activity, user-generated link activitiy, key metrics around your brand and your brand's network, total "earned media" numbers etc.  Now imagine this sat in an API friendly environment that could easily be ported into your existing analytics solutions.  
  10. Multiple Level Access - An analyst, media buyer, brand manager, community manager and a customer service agent don't all need the same level of access to Twitter to manage their respective disciplines.


A Note On Pricing:  I love to see a "basic" package that is free for everyone and features an upsell opportunity for premium pages.  However, "premium" pages will come with a level of customer support that is difficult to scale.