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You Can Rant If You Want To, But You'll Leave Your Friends Behind

3467211299_7cfca75f21_z Ranting in a blog post can be a cleansing experience.  For the blogger however, it's a risky venture.  Before you rant, remember the following:

(A) Being negative rarely wins friends or improves your reputation.

(B) Being negative generally doesn't help your industry and likely won't solve your challenges.

(C) This post will likely still be live when you go to look for your next professional opportunity.  Your future management and colleagues will read this before your interview or before you join the team. They may form their own opinions of you without insight into all the great things you offer.

(D) You often have little to gain.

There is a place for a rant about the right topics and at the right time.  But I implore you to take a step back before you hit Publish.  My Posts que is full of posts that will never see the light of day.  Sometimes the things you want to say aren't worth sharing.