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How Google+ Nailed The Invite and Introductory Experience


Yesterday I published a post that highlighted the awkwardness of being one of the first on a social network platform.  An empty network is not much of a sample experience, is it?

Google+ however, did something quite brilliant.  They gave every new member of Google+ 500 new invites.  This drove a unique and simply brilliant dynamic.

  1. By slowly distributing initial invites, Google allowed buzz and demand to grow.
  2. Google made invitations from friends the primary way to gain access.
  3. Google integrated inbox contacts, making inviting friends simple.
  4. Google gave everyone with Google+ access to 500 invitations for friends.  While everyone and their sister were looking for access, those in the know were able to help virtually all the friends they could find.  Great social currency move!
  5. As everyone is exploring the platform for the first time together, they had something to talk about in Google+, namely the Google+ experience.  What fun!
  6. When one invites a friend, they are added to a "Circle", creating a social subscription.  The network growth defined the network!

My thoughts?  This is interesting.  This is worth talking about.  This is something I will continue to come back to for a while now, at least while it's fresh.  How will I use this as opposed to Facebook?  I really have no idea.  How about you?