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How Google+ Nailed The Invite and Introductory Experience

The Irony Of Google+ Invites and Pundits

GooglePlusUpdate: Eating a bit of crow.  Update here.  

So you're one of the lucky few to gain access to Google+.  You're elite.  You're special.  And chances are you are all alone.

A phased or scaled roll out makes all the sense in the world when one is trying to build buzz and excitement.  We can all remember clamoring for an invite to Gmail and then feeling elite and special when we had to choose which of friends and family members would get one of our invites.  And the minute you gained access to Gmail you started emailing your friends to show off.  

Because Gmail gave you access to you email social network.

But when early invitees log into Google+ they won't have the real Google+ experience.  Because unlike email, social networks require friends on the network.  

So please, take the punditry and early reviews with a grain of salt.  Because none of them know what it's like to be deeply and truly social with their social networks on this platform.  At this point, it's a lot of talking to yourself.  And trust me, even I can bore the hell out of myself.