My midweek without Y! Mail, can I expect more of free?
Mythbusting - the 5 greatest myths of digital marketing culture

You aren't paying a dime, but you're worth every penny

2198625320_47f0ce4c10_z Here's why you should expect fantastic product fulfilment and service from free digital products and service, even though you aren't paying a dime:

  • Your investment in using their platform or solution helps them attract further investment
  • Your usage of and feedback on their platform or solution helps them advance their offering
  • Your loyal eyeballs generate fractions of a penny on every ad they show.  Yes, they are selling your eyeballs.  
  • When your friends see that you use their product, they gain awareness and referral, and saving money on media.
  • Your positive stories about their great product or service will generate referrals.
  • Your continued patronage invites the upsell to a premium product or service.

In an era of incredible competition, attention is currency.  And we're paying with our attention.  Shoddy service will result in lost revenues, even when users aren't paying a dime.