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5 Challenges of Facebook Marketing at Scale

Slide1 The Facebook Brand Page is a brilliant platform.  While many are familiar with page fundamentals when operating a single page, operating Facebook marketing efforts at scale is a uniquely challenging endeavour.  

Below are the top five challenges facing marketers of scale on Facebook as a platform.  Over the next week, I will address each of these challenges and detail many of the common workarounds.

  1. Product/Brand/Sub-brand Infrastructure: Large brands (particularly consumer brands) often have multiple consumer brands and sub-brands.  These brands often target either diverse  and often overlapping audiences within a single parent brand or product group.  How many communities should you create?  What should the page infrastructure look like?
  2. Global/Local: Should every region get it's own page?  Or should your centralize your page, target your wall posts and offer language and/or geographic filtering on tabs?  Both solutions have trade-offs.
  3. Customer service is a real humdinger.  Without a "DM" or private message option, all conversations utilizing native functionality must take place in public.  It is the marketersresponsibility to maintain the safety of their fans, even when fans do not appreciate their own privacy.
  4. Social contracts and digital culture differ widely from region to region, as well as across demographics in the same geographic locale.  This impacts everything from the style of brand posts through the header imagery and even the manner in which community managers engage with their constituency.  Early global social brand guidelines neglect to address the communal norms that drive social success.
  5. CRM is a beast.  Most marketers have grown to accept that the strongest measurable value offered by Facebook is in the value of the sustained relationship built therein.  In other words, Facebook'slong term value is as a modified CRM channel.  The success of a digital CRM channel should be measured based on data and insight into the individual member of the community (the fan/liker) as a part of the traditional CRM scoring solution.  This insight can deliver an enhanced aggregate community-value score that overlays social enthusiasm with customer activity.  Most major corporations struggle with multiple and overlapping databases.  Integrating social into a strong database infrastructure is going to require a serious investment.
+1 - Change is a constant in the world of Facebook Marketing.  Whether it's terms of service, features or functionality, or minor update to the API, small changes can demand an incredible amount of change, on the fly and as scale.  This won't be a dedicated challenge, but a theme I will try to address throughout this series.

These are my top 5 (+1) challenges of Facebook marketing at scale, and I will address each of these six challenges, outline potential solutions and share a few live case studies on this blog over the coming few weeks.  If you have any additional challenges that you would like to add to this list, please leave a comment below.