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#Occupy is changing all the rules, Nobody is writing the new ones

Livestream revolutionThe #Occupy movement has brought increased visibility to the power of our new global culture and it's implications on society.  Here's to hoping we as a digital culture can learn to do more than just yell and break down walls.  Somebody is going to have to start building our future.  

Learnings from the #Occupy Movement

  1. Connectivity is a human right.  The military should be able to shut down communications when fighting terrorists.  The police should not have this power.  Hundreds of viewers watching livestreams keep everyone honest.
  2. Police social polices aren't working.  Local and state police departments need more comprehensive and enforced social participation guidelines.  I am friends with, and friends-of-friends with members of major police departments from all across the US.  While these officers are good people, they should not be sharing their opinions about The or recollections of these protests, even with their relatively closed social circles.
  3. Protests require dialog ir order to deliver progress.  As Jeff Jarvis recently suggested, these protests need to come back into social media.  Protests will force attention on an issue.  But we now need intelligent and productive dialog.
  4. Mobile tech isn't considered a luxury.  The struggling masses consider technology a necessity.  Even the unemployed are tweeting and livestreaming from smart phones.  I make a living wage in tech space and not everyone in my family has a smartphone or data plan.
  5. The 1% don't get it.  If every employee of a bank making over $250K  were to donate 10% of their salaries to charity, they would come across as more human.  A centralized Employment Retraining Fund, paid for by charitable donations from employees at major corporations could provide many of these people with training.
  6. Media coverage stinks.  The media wants to show something unique, and there is nothing as unique as crazy people.  I'm sure that many people at these protests are normal people.  I have a number of friends who support the #Occupt protesters and movement who aren't wearing crazy hats or participating in a human megaphone.  Yet most of what we see on TV relates to the crazies.
  7. The fishbowl is alive and well.  There are pockets of conversation online from both sides of the #Occupy movement.  Rarely is there crossover in these conversations.  Most people are talking to and with others with the same opinions.  Rarely is there an pluralistic or respectful dialog.