Nobody Uses The Web On Tablets
We are done changing for technology, technology changes for us

5 Social Technology Predictions For 2012

  1. Analog Likes.  Facebook Likes aren't going to limited to the web.  HUGE implications for location and retail.  Liking objects brings Path and Oink and everything else into the Facebook social graph in a new wonderful layer of objects and things.  Oh yeah, and Liking songs and/or TV based on audio recognition - that's going to happen too, but likely in partnership with someone already in the space.
  2. Live Conversation Streams.  Lots of TV stars and producers tweet alongside live broadcasts.  This is going to become an integrated experience featured by broadcasters through live-viewing apps.
  3. Twitter IPO. It's going to happen.  And it will be misunderstood.  On that note, I had rice cakes for breakfast.  Now you know.  Also, Dick Costolo is a very smart guy and I'm convinced that Twitter has another one or two big tricks up their sleave.
  4. Network Analysis Is The New Black.  Sentiment analysis was very 2010.  Visuals will get much nicer and reports will become more business like and less shiny object-like.  Social metrics people will pay far more attention to role of the network in conversation flow.
  5. Mobile.  Everyone is going to take mobile more seriously.  The pace of change here is going to be incredible.  The data ecosystems to support the creativity here aren't quite totally ready for prime time, but this space is going to be wild.


  • Renting Content To Go.  I don't want to own a package of a dozen or so episodes of The Daily Show, nor do I want to stream it.  I want it to work as well as it would on BitTorrent without the illegality and hassle.