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5 Things That Need To Go Away In 2012

  1. 2012 sadMe Focussed Marketers: This would include anyone who utters the words "people want to connect with brands and be their friends" but has never asked himself what brands he has ever really been friends with.  The answer is very few to none.  Unless he has psychological or social issues.  People don't behave in the interest of marketers unless it is in their own interest.  The world doesn't revolve around brands, and normal consumers are impacted by, but rarely care much about marketing.
  2. Aimless Couponing: Coupons, particularly digital coupons are a means towards an end.  If that end is more interaction, think harder.  Just because it's online or "social" doesn't make discounting or giving away product a better idea.
  3. Yet Another Network: I already have my social network.  I know who they are and how to reach them.  I'm not going to leave a platform unless the platform has a major shortcoming, and the new platform is far better.  That said, just because some new iPhone app is very cool, doesn't mean that most people out there are going to change their behavior.  Platform fatigue is real, and it's here.
  4. Surprise!  Platform Change!:  I am all for surprising users with new and exciting features.  But please do not do this to marketers.  Please don't do this to marketers.  Give public notice of new marketing changes and leave these changes in a "staging" environment for marketers to play with these changes.  Marketers are investing serious money in building solutions for users.  Tech builds and operations cannot turn on a dime.
  5. Lists that predict the end of stupidity.  Some things truly are without end.

And for a bit of fun, here is a litte girl who knows more about this than me.