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Digital Marshal Law, brought to you by...

SOPAClearly piracy is one of the biggest issues facing the American public.  So much so, that piracy justifies the governmental take-down of entire websites due to singular peices of possibly offending content with no due process.  If bills like SOPA are passed, corporations may have the effective ability to create digital marshal law - removing our consitutional and human right to expression without recourse or due process.  

This week we witnessed a thorough disregard for fair use and open abuse of legal process on the part of UMG.  I were Leo Laporte, Tom Merrit, or the team at TWiT, I would be furious.  And so, I have decidedto redact any potentially offensive words from the rest of this ████.

Image a web where ████ and ███████ was the norm.  Where a user posting a comment on this ████ linking to offending content could allow a corporation to tell the government to ████ down this entire blog.  

Freedom of █████ is ███ right.  It is up to ██ to defend our ████, or suffer the consequences of losing ████.

This debate in your hands now.  You could contact your leadership and fight for our freedom. Or you could  ███  █████  ████ ████ ██ █████.  And that's all I have to say about ████.