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Nobody Uses The Web On Tablets

Kindle-FireThere is something fundamentally broken with the web as we know and love it.  It's built in only two viewing modes: Desktop and Mobile.  If only we hadn't come to love the tablet, all would be wonderful.

I regularly use SkyFire on my iPhone and Silk on my Kindle Fire, along with  a host of other mobile browsers.  The web sucks on 7 inch devices.  But this isn't because the devices don't work properly.  It's because our web standards need a third option - Desktop > Tablet > Mobile.

And while we're at it, I think we need a fourth option - distance viewing or as humans would call it "TV".  Our televisions are increasingly web capable, and people want a great couch or lean-back experience.  This distance viewing isn't going to center around text content, or even highly visual still pictures.  But slide shows, music and video belong on the TV.  And websites should be able to reorganize their content for this type of device as well.

I am not a coder, and I don't know what browsers and web developers need to put into place in order to create a better tablet and TV web experience.  I just know that what we have now is pathetically dated.  And I'm ready for more and better.  

How about you?