5 Social Technology Predictions For 2012
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We are done changing for technology, technology changes for us

Nes-controllerWe are at a fundamental pivot.  

Until very recently, we changed our lives to use a technology.  

We changed our living rooms to accomodate the TV.  We busted through the walls of our home to enable internet access.  We learned to schedule recordings on VHS and later Tivo.  We added car chargers to our cars.  We even grew caluses and had cramps from using the Nintendo and Atari controlers.

Technology is now advanced enough, that it is changing to meet our lives and usage.

Technology is now on the whole, beautiful.  Interfaces are elegant.  Our technologies know us.  We rarely have to wait while they turn on or dial-in and we don't need to create a new space for it in our homes.  Wireless is replacing wiring and standards like USB are everywhere, making almost all new hardware advance uber-simple.  Voice interaction is even replacing the interruption that was once the text or email message.  Data is making everything customizable and often less cluttered.  

And for ___ sake, design is probably the most heavily debated geek topic.  What has the world come to?  

I don't know that we will live to see a new technology that will warrant us breaking down walls or diggin through bad menus.  I don't know that there is a new technology on the horizon that will drive us to dedicate a room of our house to it.  The first phones, the first televisions, the early internet, early home networks, these were massive changes that enabled brand new, breakthrough worlds.  But in a world where we already have strong connectivity nearly everywhere, and where all new devices are being made to fit the user behavioral needs, will we ever need to change?