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Is Silence Inaction or Protest? #SOPA #PIPA

SOPA and PIPA are bad ideas.  But is my NOT posting to this blog today going to further the protest?  Would my silence be deafening, or would it not be missed at all?

The most effective way for major sites like GoogleWikipedia and major influencers like Robert Scoble to protest is to remain silent for a single day.  And to talk about their non-participation for weeks before and after the event.  Because for major, regular value-providers, we would notice their silence.

Do the rest of us have a responsability to continue to tweet, blog and converse.  I am not on Twitter all-day-everyday, and I don't post to this blog everyday.  Would my day of silence would be a waste of energy.  Even by taking this entire blog dark for a day, would the few hundred visitors notice the difference?

Should I stay silent?  Should I educate?  Which is the more powerful form of protest for the 99% of us without massive social followings?