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My New Gig: Making A Difference @ Champions Oncology

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A few months ago I joined an incredible company.  Today, I would like to tell you a little bit about the wonderful team here at Champions Oncology.  Champions Oncology is a pioneering innovator delivering real value to cancer patients, leveraging a unique platform called the Personalized TumorGraft. 

This post is solely my own and reflects my own opinions.  If you have any questions regarding the contents of this post, please feell free to reach out.

The Need for Personalized Cancer Treatment

In the traditional cancer treatment model, nearly all patients with a particular cancer receive identical first-lines of treatment.  While some cancer therapies are futher developed, the first course of treatment rarely succeeds in meaningfully shrinking the patient's tumor.  While each round of treatment cost the patients time and money, there is a very real psycological and physiological toll as well.

All tumors are different and unique.  The Personalized TumorGraft platform empowers patients and physicians with a customized, individualized treatment approach.

The TumorGraft Solution

Following cancer surgery or biopsy, Champions implants a piece of the patient's live tumor into a series of mice, creating a panel of Personalized TumorGrafts.  The Personalized TumorGraft platform allow the tumors in the mice to grow into nearly identical copies of the original, human tumor.  

As the tumors grow and proliferate in the mice models, Champions works with the patient's treating physician to identify which treatments will be tested on the TumorGrafts.  By analyzing the Personalized TumorGraft responses to various anti-cancer agents, patients and treating physicians are empowered with personalized treatment information.


The Career Transition

Most of you know me from the marketing, technology, and social media space.  I have very much enjoyed working in this dynamic industry and will continue to participate in this industry dialogue.  But when I had the opportunity to participate in an innovative and truly caring company that was changing the cancer treatment paradigm, I jumped at it.

Everyone knows someone who has known the fear, pain and loss of cancer.  I personally have lost friends and family members to this horrible disease.  What I love about this company is that Champions isn't only delivering a first-class, innovative and meaningful solution, but these are genuinely great people.  The scientists here are first class innovators, heavy weights in the space and real industry visionaries.  I am blown away by the depth of scientific knowledge within this organization.  But most impressively, the entire organization is singularly focused on a single goal: improving and extending the lives of cancer patients.  

Working here over the past few months I have come to appreciate an unspoken credo: cancer is a disease that impacts millions of individuals.  We are here to help those people as the individuals they are.  Even within internal meetings, our patients and clients aren't referred to by a number, case or cancer type alone, but by their name.  And every element of the organization, from marketing through case management is driven by an appreciation for and focus on the patient.

What About this blog?

I will continue to participate in this industry dialog, lending my opinion and perspective to industry news.  And while my day-to-day professional focus has shifted, you can bet that there will be a social component to our fast developing marketing, CRM patient advocacy solutions.  The best is yet to come.