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This Is Kodak's Golden Age

Kodak was one of the earliest movers in introducing photography to the masses.  We bought Kodak cameras, Kodak film and developed our pictures on Kodak paper using Kodak ink.  People today are taking and sharing more pictures today than ever before.  Pictures and photography play a greater role in our lives than ever before, fueled largely by the triple emergence of digital, social and mobile media.  This should be Kodak's Golden Age.

Kodak should have been Flickr.  They should have been Dropbox.  They should have been Snapfish and they should have been Camera+.  They should have been GroupShot.  They should have been Skype.  They could have been all of these and more.  

Kodak was home photography.  Thanks to the innovations that Kodak brought to the market 100 years ago, we are where we are today.  And thanks to Kodak's lack of foresight, Kodak is no longer in our picture.

We are not yet in Facebook or Google's Golden Age.  We are at the grade school stages of what is sure to be an incredible cultural revolution.  The greatest lesson we can learn from Kodak is to never stop evolving, and never underestimate the power or impact of new technologies.  Here's to the future.