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New FB Ads Push Marketers To Rethink Wall Posts & Agencies To Play Nicely Together

New facebook premium ads
Media, PR, Creative and Social Agencies Beware.  Your overlap is about to get much more real.  And Facebook's new ads are going to push brand managers to make you coordinate far more intimately than in the past.

Facebook has a good deal of ad revenue riding on marketers getting their platform right.  In the early days of Facebook, brands and agencies didn't know what they were doing.  Facebook taught the industry how to market on Facebook.  And Facebook now looks to be pushing us to write better Wall posts.  It is a well know secret that most Facebook Brand Pages have low engagement with their Wall posts.  Really low engagement.  The new Facebook ads appear to be a strong push from Facebook to marketers to take their wall posts more seriously.

According to a leaked powerpoint doc (see this GigaOm post), Facebook's new premium ads feature selected brand wall posts.  For better or worse, many major marketers are handing over their page management responsibilities to employees with very minimal professional experience, in my experience often ranging from fresh out of college through three to four years of professional related experience.  Massive advertising buys on the other hand are often overseen by seasoned professionals with a strong background in copywriting.  As a result, ads are often more polished than page posts.

This isn't to say that page posts are not well written.  However, page posts are often less purposefully written than ads.  As a result, page posts go largely ignored and Facebook's great algorithms minimize the brand's exposure to users who demand less clutter in their streams.

This new format is going to push brands to write better posts, posts that are well suited to both the Wall as well as media.  This will necessitate stronger alignment across media buying and page management teams.  This may even lead to media, creative and page management agency consolidation.

Facebook needed to take this step, to put a carrot and a stick behind better community engagement.  Because with repeat user engagement Facebook will lose their position as the go-to platform for meaningful a community/relationship oriented marketing.  And there is a lot of money on the line.