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You paid $200 for your AT&T locked iPhone.  You finished or paid off the remainder of your contract.  Isn't unlocking your phone now your right?

I was in your shoes.  I emailed Tim Cook and politely asked for my off-contract, fully paid for AT&T-locked iPhone 4 to be unlocked.  A week or two later AT&T's team contacted me.  12 hours later my iPhone 4 was unlocked.  If you search around in Google, you will likely find a few others who shared my experience.  Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes.

And while I would hate to sound ungrateful, it does alarm me that AT&T and Apple continue to stand behind their clearly broken policy.  I wonder how many exceptions to this policy they are making.  If I was a betting man, I would guess that this policy will soon be updated to allow for a more systematic solution to this ridiculous problem.  The fact that Apple's official support page dates back to February 2010 also suggests that AT&T wasn't entirely truthful when they told me they Apple would not unlock my device.  

I have included both emails I received from AT&T below.


Email 1

I work with AT&T in the Partnership Operations department and we have received your email requesting to unlock your iPhone device. We would like to review your account and need to ask if you can please provide the mobile number and IMEI for the devices that you are requesting to be unlocked.

Thank you!

The Partnership Ops team

Email 2

We have received a request to unlock your iPhone. We have reviewed the request and made an exception to unlock your iPhone. 

To complete the unlock process, please tether your iPhone to iTunes. Once that is complete, your device has successfully been unlocked.

Below is a link to an Apple article to assist if you should have any questions.


Thank you!

The Partnership Ops team