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What Was Business Insider Thinking?


 Bias does not belong in business and it does not belong in the workplace.  I don't care what your feelings are on anyone else's faith, lifestyle or hair color, keep it to yourself.  Bigotry is not news and business journalism is not the place to explore or discuss rationalizations for bigotry.

I was never the biggest fan of Business Insider, but it was nothing against their site, their content just wasn't to my liking.  Today they actually offended me.  They actually posted a nearly contentless post entitled "Why Do People Hate Jews" and invited people to leave their thoughts in the comments.  UPDATE: they later revised their title to What are the sources of antisemitism.  But on the web, there is no delete button - just look at the URL for the original title!  Let me repeat, this was an empty post inviting a rationalization of antisemitism in blog comments.  This discussion has no place in business.  And blog comments are far from the ideal platform for this discussion.  This is appalling.  And it has no place in business, let alone in life.

My first response was to walk away and never read their site again.  I believe that Henry Blodget (the CEO at Business Insider) made a serious mistake and it is important that we raise our concerns.  Let the world know how offensive this post is.  Let the world know how big a mistake this was, and how much this impacts our perception of their site.  

Share this post, share your disgust.  And let's hope we never have to do this again.