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Relative Poverty

Would you consider a 7 year old company valued at $60,000,000,000 to be a failure?

Would you scoff at the future of a website with "only" half a billion active users because the other third of accounts aren't active?

Would you consider one of the world's top mobile sites to be "failing" because they haven't yet cashed in?  And let's remember, mobile is rapidly evolving in the tablet and feature-spec space by the quarter.

Facebook is a healthy company.  They are still learning how to make a business out of connecting people and their advisors may have over-reached with their IPO.  But this is not a company struggling to provide value to users, nor is this a company struggling to maintain their massive user base.  

You may have had higher public trading expectations.  But I would consider a sixty billion dollar valuation, a user base measured in percentages of the global population and strong user-loyalty on the fastest growing web platform (mobile) to be a damn good place to call home.  So please, let's cut it with the Facebook desperation posts and commentary.  

Institutional investors may not be happy.  But this is a very healthy company that is actively transforming our world.