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Anticipation: The Emperor's New Phone

Great innovation delivers beyond the expected.  This is the magic that has defined tech and media revolution over the past decade.  But when we know what to expect, when are no longer amazed.  Whether it's a new phone or a new social technology, we anticipate, we revel in disruption.  

But the greatest value big tech, big data and new media can bring is to raise our expectations by anticipating tomorrow's need.  We were amazed by Siri when the virtual assistant appeared to understand what our natural language.  We were amazed by Google Now when Google promised to anticipate our upcoming queries.  The next generation of tech is not going anticipate our next question, but answer our question before we consciously ask them.  

Anticipation is going to be a big word.  It's where big data is going, it's where mobile and social data are heading and it's what wearable and always-on technology will enable.  Anticipation.  It's a big idea.  It's bigger than any of these trends on their own.  It's our future.



And then there's this: