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A Call For Editors - Zagging While The Media Industry Zigs

Old cameraTraditional media was a market defined by scarcity.  I miss this scarcity.  Because my media consumption needs an Editor.  Badly.

In the traditional media world, scarcity was plentiful.  There was a limited number of channels, a limited number of prime-time commercial pods, a limited amount of front page space and a limited number of creative formats in both programming and advertising.  Editorial leaders made the decisions as to what we read over breakfast and talked about around the water cooler. 

The democratized, digital world allows anyone to contribute, often on equal if not greater pedestals than recognized media professionals.  But it took more than an electric guitar to make Hendrix into Hendrix.  While we as a culture celebrate the rise of the prosumer and the everyday blogger, leading digital publishers are seeking New Yorker-styled content.  While social is connecting news organizations behind the scenes, crowdsourcing is bringing reporting from the masses to the mainstream.  I'm nothing if not a cheerleader for social and for change.

But at the end of the day, I need more than my Facebook timeline and I need more than a Twitter feed.  I want news from beyond my network and beyond my interests.  I want to broaden my horizons, and in a digital age I don't believe I should need to travel the world to discover the world. I want to see social as a signal but not as the filter for my media consumption.  I want big data to become smart data.

I want an Editor.