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Smart Glass SIII

S SmartglassDoes something look a bit off in the picture above?  This is a screenshot from Microsoft's stunning new Smartglass product walkthrough video.  Later in the video there is a close up on the same device (see picture to the right).

Samsung has two variants of the same phone hardware running two different operating systems.  The Android version is known as the Galaxy S3, while the Windows Phone 8 version is called the Ativ S.  Many (myself included) assumed that the phone at the start of the video was a Galaxy S3 because of the skin on the phone.

At launch, Smartglass will only be available on Windows Phone 8.  Now here's the question - is the phone featured to the right running Android?  Is there a bit of animation or ripple under the user's thumb?  Or is this a video artifact?

By the 1:21 mark in the video however, Windows is clearly runnning Windows Phone 8.  

Was this a mistakes that wasn't caught in editing?

Either way, the new phone and the new systems both look rock solid.  I can't wait to play with both the Ativ S and Smartglass in the weeks ahead.