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When Amazon Reviewers Strike: Opportunity In The Mayhem

Banana slicerHaving one of those days?  Here are five Amazon product pages that are sure to make your day.  No, the products aren't that good.  But the reviews are.

5. Hutzer 571 Banana Slicer

4. Bic For Her

3. Officially Licensed Luke Skywalker Jacket

2. Avery Durable Binder (for the politically minded)

1. For the bravest among you, Veet for Men

And for the marketer among us, what do you do if one of these products is your own?

As I see it, you have three viable options: ignore, go along with it or own it.

Ignoring these awesomely weird reviews is likely the safest and least fun way to engage.

Some marketers, such as Avery have chosen to go with the flow, recognizing the meme on their Facebook page.

I have yet to see a marketer embrace this anomaly on their brand domain or in their overall messaging, but you've got to admit, the creative opportunity is fantastic.

Someone is going to do something brilliant to play along with the occasionally quirky nature of Amazon reviews.  And we're going to love them for it.