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5 Reasons Apple Would Be Wise To Buy Waze

Waze appleRumors are swirling about Apple buying Waze.  And this buy would make all the sense in the world.  Here's why:

  1. Waze is an awesome maps platform.  Apple needs a maps platform.  Waze has a solid, differentiated offering.  Apple Maps is a serious dent in the Apple brand reputation.  Waze is a strong, solid brand that would give Apple real credibility in this space.
  2. Waze thinks global.  Both Apple and Android leave the global and particularly the third-world user half-satisfied.  Their content offerings are not global.  Neither Siri nor Google Live offer a truly robust product to the global user.  Waze is fantastically global, offering great maps and even traffic data in the backroads rarely properly covered by mainstream services.
  3. Waze is huge on Android.  It's no secret that Google's superior iOS apps are making many Apple loyalists rethink Google.  Waze is an opportunity for Apple to do the unprecedented - to design for a third party platform.  
  4. Waze is social.  Apple has long struggled with social.  Waze is a value-driven social experience.  This mode of thinking and development could bring a great deal of value to the broader Apple organization.
  5. Waze is fun.  Apple products once had strong personalities.  They were bright colors and they stood apart.  With the few exceptions, Apple's products have become sleek, industrial suits.  They don't smile.  Gone are the days of "Do not chew."  Waze is chock full of fun.  Apple could use a little fun.

And who wouldn't LOVE to see Waze data baked into Siri?