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This snarky Google Map is driving Social Change

Type in "Concentration Camp, North Korea" into Google Maps and look at what you get: brilliantly snarky political comedy.  

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But it gets better.  Look at the location descriptions below:

Definitely would recommend this place for anybody who wants to have the full North Korean experience. Food was excellent, public executions were a blast...

"I loved staying a the North Hamgyong at their localConcentration Camp! There was plenty of accomdations including free towels, back massage and all you ...

"Looking for some alone time? No worries all family are separated upon entry. Who knows what adventures await you in North Korea's leading deathcamp."

I freely admit that I was unaware that North Korea has concentration camps or death camps.  But I can't help but thank Google and the users who submitted these reviews for bringing a very real issue to the public limelight in a brilliant, human-centric and digitally fantastic manner.