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The Great, Unknown Facebook Photos Hack That Delivers Engagement

The Best Unknown Facebook Image HackHere's one of the best kept secrets on Facebook - don't link to your content in your Facebook posts.  Yup, that's right.  Using big photos and images, when done correctly, will get you more attention, more on-screen real estate and more clicks.

Here's the trick to using images to boost clicks to your links:

  1. Upload an image to your Facebook Brand Page.  
    Make these images awesome.  Rich, engaging, alluring, eye-catching and relevant to the topic of the link you are sharing.  Horizontal images are better than vertical images.  
  2. Type your Facebook post text without the link.
    It's that simple, just post it to the wall.
  3. Add your link to the photo after your post is live. 
    Once the post is live, click on the image.  In this larger view, select edit the text next to the image and add the desired URL.  Be sure to insert the URL in the two to three sentences.  Feel free to use Bit.ly or the like to shorten long links.

You're done!

Here's what you've just accomplished:

  • When fans view your posts, they will now see large, rich images with snippets of text and a link. Facebook's link preview images are pathetically small and the preview text is rarely as valuable as great imagery.  Using this method, your images will appear as large, rich posts on your fan's walls as well as on your brand page.  By standing out from the crowd, your posts will generate additional engagement.
  • When people share your image, your message and link will accompany the image everywhere it goes.  This will increase your messaging potential, as well as your potential clicks.
  • EdgeRank and Facebook users both seem to prefer rich images over text.  I'm not sure if one is the cause of the other or it both are true... but either way, it works!
  • Your Facebook page will begin to look far more attractive.  
  • Your messages will sing with the power of a thousand words.

This isn't just a conspiracy theory.  Check out these screen grabs from Wibiya, The Verge and Read Write's respective Facebook pages. Beautiful, no?

Read Write's Facebook Page

Read Write Facebook


The Verge's Facebook Page
The Verge Facebook


Wibiya's Facebook Page (my employer)
Wibiya Facebook Page