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The Only Answers To Life's Toughest Challenges

Below are a few lessons that I'm continuing to learn.  I hope you find them helpful. 
  1. The quickest path to changing your world is to change yourself.
  2. The best way to overcome a challenge is to change the way you view it.
  3. The most effective path may require a good deal of hard work.  
  4. When life calls for hard work, be sure you are committed to the project before you start or you'll rarely finish.  
  5. Never fear hard work.
  6. Sometimes you don't know how right you are until you spend a great deal of effort proving yourself wrong.  This happens to the best of us.  Accept it and move on.
  7. Believe in others and they will believe in themselves.  The investment is cheap but the results are incredible.
  8. Learn the difference between fear and concern.  Concern can be dealt with but fear is paralyzing.  To move from irrational fear to rational concern, ask yourself over and over again - and then what?  What is the worst thing that can happen?  What is the likelihood of that happening?  If you're still concerned, it's either rational or you need a third party perspective.  Focus on the positive, likely outcomes rather than the possible, irrational, feared outcomes.
  9. When it feels like the people around you don't believe in you, stop caring.  They aren't worth your emotional investment.  They don't know what they are talking about, and their negativity will take everyone down.  
  10. Confidence implies knowledge.  Be overly knowledgeable and rationally confident.  Study yourself and get to know the difference.
  11. Inspire others and you'll find yourself inspired.
  12. If people aren't laughing, you're losing out on incredible creative opportunity.  This energy will define the group's creative output.
  13. Focus your practical efforts on winning the game with solid base hits.  Nobody likes working with someone who doesn't celebrate the little accomplishments or always pushes for the home run.
  14. Do you remember when your parents used to say that it doesn't matter how you did on the test, as long as you tried your hardest?  While the business world demands performance, your reputation will be defined by your attitude as much as your success.  Focus your emotional efforts on giving every project your all.  Your team will notice your determination and admire you for it.
  15. You work for yourself.  You always have time to improve yourself.  This may come at the expense of working 80 hours a week, but it's their problem.  You work for yourself.
  16. Never stop learning.  Read, read, read.  
  17. If you aren't creating, you're stagnating.