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Worrying About Twitter Security? Get Over It

McDs HackedYes, your brand could get hacked on Twitter. But this isn't going to change anything. And worrying or yelling at Twitter isn't going to change anything.

You could just as easily get hacked on Facebook or Pinterest. Because much of the time, these "hacks" are not even the fault of the service provider. Human error, malicious code on a user's computer an insecure wifi network... these are just three of the many ways one could accidentally give away their secure credentials.

Despite the coverage in the NY Times, this isn't big story. The risk is minimal, the actual damage is minimal and the reward presented by participation on the platform is huge.

This doesn't mean that Twitter should take security lightly. It's high time they setup second factor authentication for all verified accounts.

But even with the best security, mistakes will be made.  Brands will get hijacked.  

The only solutions is to accept the things you cannot change and focus on developing the courage to change the things you can.