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10 features that will make "Keep" a killer app

Google-Keep-700x400A few hours ago, Google lifted the lid on Google Keep. This simple reminders web/mobile app is pretty, well designed and syncs cross-platform. But it's far from the solution it should be.  Here are the 10 features that will make Google Keep a keeper.

10. Automation
I don't get the point of storing my photos in Google+. I store my photos so I can access them when I want them - for social as well as personal reference. I love the idea of scanning my photos and making them search-able. I want my Android phone to automatically back all my photos up to Drive, to keep the people and geo tags added in Picasa, etc. Don't just leave this as a list. This may go beyond Keep, but I want to see a platform and an ecosystem, not just a list dammit!

9. Topical Search
I'm going to be storing all kinds of things. I would love to be able to find my "music" without needing to tag it as music. Google knows how to recognize a file. Make my search smarter! 

8. Link Previews
This could be a great platform for storing my bookmarks or items for reading later. If I save a link, give me a link preview. This includes video previews ala Google+ or Facebook.

7. Link "Deep" Search
Let me search inside the media and links I've "Kept". Index not just my text, but the content within and across them.

6. An API and a Chrome Plug-in
I want the Facebook photos on my phone to also backup to Keep. I want to save to Keep as a backup of everything I do. Google's not going to build all of this - so we're going to need an API. I would also love to save links ala Pocket without needing to open a second window. Make it happen Google! 

5. Drag to Organize
I have recently fallen in love with Trello. The organizational features are incredible. You just drag it over to organize. Keep is impossible to organize, which is going to make it pointless as a to-do list or a media library. 

4. Third Party Cloud Doc Integration
I already have most of my content in Drobox, and even Carbonite. I would love to access this cloud content through Google Drive. If I'm going to leave myself a reminder to do something to media in Dropbox, let me preview it in Drive. Yes, there is an API for that. 

3. Prioritized Lists
I get that Google wants to avoid the chore of hierarchy and rely instead on search, but a bit of organization can go a long way. Let me re-prioritize my lists, sort my lists, etc.

2. Geofencing and Alerts
If I have a list, reminder me when it's coming do. Remind me to pick up the milk when I'm near the supermarket. Google Now can do a lot of this for me, so please, for the love of all that is holy, get on it! 

1. Social Collaboration
Let's be real. There is little I do in life that doesn't involve others. There are many times my wife picks up the milk. Other times she sends me a long shopping list while I'm on the way home. There are tasks I give to the developers, and many times they assign tasks to me. A little bit of social collaboration could go a VERY long way.