Facebook Knows Something The Publishing World Doesn't
Here's why Google kills products we love

Facebook Steps Into Google Reader's Shoes

Facebook Reader
After years of decline and neglect, Google Reader is finally joining the deadpool. As the saying goes, In a social age the news finds you. And right on cue, in steps Facebook's new News Feed.

The new News Feed includes both new relevant to your interests and a new, dedicated a Following feed. This personally prioritized feed contains updates, news and links from all the pages and personalities you have subscribed to.  This could well become a killer stand-alone app, particularly on mobile with a reskin as a "magazine reader" ala Flipboard.

Facebook Reader just makes sense.

And I don't know how easy it's going to be to compete with Facebook Reader. Google, the company that brought you Priority Inbox, didn't have the social signal or dedication to make Google Reader smart or dynamic enough to make it as compelling as it could have been. What does this say for the rest of this space?