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Our Modern Day Passover Miracle

Splitting_the_red_seaRabbi Aharon Kotler asked, why does the Haggadah say that in Egypt the Jews became a nation, but ignore the massive assimilation that took place in Egypt? Why does the Haggadah omit to mention the many Jews who did not wish to leave Egypt for Israel?

He answers, that the Haggadah teaches us to focus on the positive. We may have had our challenges, but we became a people.


And I believe that this is the modern day miracle of Passover. This is the one night a year where we forget the many challenges we face as a people and invite all four sons to the table. We celebrate with those who don't believe and those who don't want to leave. The rich will eat the bread of poverty and the poor drink wine like kings. We will all declare - all are welcome can come and eat. This is the one time a year where Jews around the world celebrate our shared past. This link to our past is our common bond in our present and our hope in the future.

Passover is not just about the challenges we faced, but our ability to focus on our shared positive bonds and build a link to the future. After 3,000 years of change, our continued celebration is our modern miracle.