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Lifestyle brands thrive where product lines fail

Gillette beardsThey say that times are tough for the men's shaving and grooming space. I'm sure that there are many contributing market factors. But a challenging market is also a great opportunity to extend the product, embracing evolving lifestyles and buying cycles.

Bearded youth and hipsters may not use as many razors, but that doesn't mean that they aren't buyers. They just aren't buyers of a single-use product line. But shaving was never just about shaving. It was about looking your best. Everyone wants to look and smell their best, even if their best doesn't mean being clean shaven.

Why can't Gillette sell a massively multi-level beard trimmer? Or head sculpting razors for sideburns, mustaches, beard styling and more? Why can't Gillette sell beard shampoo or conditioner? Or face wash that can works on a bearded face? Or extend their shaving gel to include hair gel? Or shaving cream to hand cream?

Consumers don't just buy products, they buy solutions. They remain loyal to brands that tell a story, brands that satisfy their needs. 

If Gillette can find a way to keep a connection with the bearded, you can be sure the bearded will return when to Gillette razors when they decide to start shaving again.