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Welcoming a new, better generation of media moguls

Bezos Washington PostI understand why Amazon would want to own a newspaper. But Amazon won't own The Washington Post, Jeff Bezos will. And this news brings a smile to my face.

Like many of you, I am concerned about the intentions and agendas of many media moguls. But I don't have quite as many reservations about Jeff Bezos. I look forward to a new era of journalism and the industry currently known as "newspapers" led by the likes of Jeff Bezos. Here's why:

  • Digital natives appreciate the voice of the public. Public accountability is core to the success of newsroom of the future.
  • Jeff Bezos thinks very long term. Leading a legacy like The Washington Post requires long term vision beyond short term trimming and losses.
  • Jeff appreciates what he doesn't know. Before starting Amazon he took a course on running a book store. Jeff has a lot to learn about the newspaper business, and the newspaper business has a lot to learn about online retail, the cloud and everything else Jeff knows.
  • Jeff appreciates the challenges of working with physical goods in a largely digital world.
  • If Amazon owned Washington Post there would be inevitable clashes and challenges. A shared ownership under Bezos insures that mutually beneficial opportunities are explored, but neither company sacrifices their bottom line for the other.

The future of news is in tech and the future of communications innovation will require the fourth estate. Here's to tomorrow.