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BitTorrent is killing the pirates

6235-1Canal Street used to be the go-to location for the latest in pirated tapes and DVDs. But much like the record player, my kids won't know the joy of bargaining for a blurry copy of the latest blockbuster movie. Another thriving industry, brought down by online piracy.

Today's teens don't know about 3 for the price of 2 sales, and they certainly don't know the joys of popping a DVD or VHS into a beaten up small TV to check the quality. They don't know about home-printed labels on super thin dvd cases. And they have never seen the speed with which an entire video store can be thrown into a rolling duffle when the cops show up.

When you stroll down Canal Street today, all you see are people selling counterfeight clothing, accessories and cheap plastic toys.

Gone are the piles of ripped off VHS tapes, VCDs and DVDs. 

Piracy retailers. Another industry killed by the pirates on the net.