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If Android is a KitKat, what is iOS 7?

Last week Android KitKat was announced. The next day, I asked my team, so what candy is iOS7? What is BB10? And the ideas just flowed.

Here's a sampling of our brain droppings, as illustrated by our incredible design team. Enjoy the entire list here

1. Twitter & Peeps

Nobody can put their finger on what makes it awesome, and there are many myths as to just what it is.



2. BlackBerry 10 & Black Licorice

Not everyone loves black licorice, but if it’s your thing, it’s your thing. And there’s no talking you out of it.



4. Facebook & PEZ

Talking heads full of artificial sweets can be incredibly addicting. But there is something wonderful and nostalgic about connecting with your past.



6. iOS 7 & Jelly Belly

Who doesn’t love Jelly Belly jelly beans? An odd assortment of colors and flavors, each unique piece creates an overall “ahhh” feeling. Most of the time.



10. Microsoft Office & PayDay

Do we really need to give any commentary here?


11. Linux & Nerds

A match made in heaven.



Enjoy the entire list here