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Stop Killing Unicorns!!! Social promotions need to change.

E5a7_canned_unicorn_meatImagine I offered you the chance to win an iPad Air if you wore a stamp for my business on your forehead for an entire day. Or, you could enter this contest by stamping ten friend's foreheads. Oh, and you have to subscribe to my email newsletter as well. 

How are your social promotions any different?

Tweet the a hashtag, Like and Share our photo and Pin to Win are an enticed annoyances at best. Most of these contests are little more than paid spam. 

You may have engaged one participant, but you've annoyed all fo their friends. Well done!

If you want to use a promotion, make it creative. Make it speak to your product, your audience and their needs. Invite participant creativity and expression. 

Just stop enticing spam. Every time a social promotion appears on my feeds, a unicorn dies. Stop killing unicorns. Say no to spam.

It really isn't helping anyone.