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Here's why Facebook and Twitter care about TV

Sure, slapping hashtags all over TV content and commercials helps drive platform growth and usage. And getting your Tweets or Facebook activity recognized on TV is a nice pat on the back for users. But the real reason they are racing after TV is far bigger than their data or users. 

It's about building the bridge from broadcast to digital branding. And tapping into the revenue that comes wtih it

TV delivers a rich branding message to masses of watchers. Digital alone does not. Branding dollars are big money. The transition of branding spend to digital platforms is driving digital share of spend and digital video spend in particular.

To serve as a bridge from broadcast to to digital branding, Facebook and Twitter must learn to use their strengths (conversations and network intimacy) as bridges to broadcast branding. I don't believe that either Facebook or Twitter has really cracked social branding, but they don't need to have the golden platform to build the bridge. For today, all they need to do is offer the best user, broadcaster and marketer integration possible. They can figure out their native monetization as it goes.

The transition to integrated branding will take time. In the interim, advertisers and broadcasters are looking for a bridge into digital. And Facebook and Twitter want to be that bridge.

May the best platform win.

5 Reasons I'd Hire This Woman Today!

Best quit ever5. Great communications is about passion and the ability to tell a store that people want to share. Check!

4. Creativity takes balls. She's got em. I do not want yes-men employees. I want individuals who aren't afraid to voice their opinions. Check!

3. Many will be afraid to hire a vocal employee. I only want vocal employees. My teams are empowered and trusted. If you have a strong relationship with your team, you should have a feel for employee feelings and address any problems well before they become disastrous.

2. Creative teams thrive on a strong team culture. The team thrives when people aren't afraid to jump in the headfirst, to dare to be the only one dancing. I want people who can sing, people who can perform and emote, people who leave it all out there. 

1. This young lady isn't easily discouraged. She stuck with a tough job for a year. I've been in tough jobs. She was obviously stewing over this for a while, but she didn't give up so easily. 

Oh yeah, and there's a caveat. I would first want to make sure she was good at her job, and that this action was justified. Taking a blind jump can be genius or insanity. I'm not interested in the latter.

That said, This is a risky move and is not one I would generally advise my own friends or family to take.