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The art of the tease and the Nexus 5

The Nexus 4 sold so fast that it took down Google Play. How could Google raise the stakes with the Nexus 5?

By teasing us. Relentlessly teasing us.


This started wihen they "accidentally" gave us a peak at the Nexus 5 in the Kit Kat statue unveiling video. Then, week after week, like clockwork, additional leaks surfaced. On the rumored launch date, Google's marketing partner - KitKat - teased a launch on Google+. This drove the Android fanboys crazy. When October 15th came and went without a release, the rumors and speculation were wild. Google Play "accidentally" listed the Nexus 5 for just long enough to make the blogs, and then took it down. Carrier websites include WIND in Canada and Sprint in the US "accidentally" leaked images. And most recently, Google appear to have listed updates for all of their core apps. But for some reason, these updates don't seem to be available for download.

By all appearances, Google and LG were the worst secret-keepers in the history of mankind. 

And then this video came out.

They were just teasing us all along. Brilliant.