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Does Deutsche Telekom Have A Right Rock His Pink Tutu

DT Tutu

So there is this amazing guy, a real hero. His wife got cancer, and he sent her pictures of himself in a pink tutu to make her laugh. The video at the bottom of this post is truly inspiring.

And you're hit with a surprise. The video ends with a curious plug for Deutsche Telekom (DT). 

Yes, DT tricked me and thousands of other people into watching a 162 second commercial. But I didn't know it was DT until the end. And frankly, I don't understand what role they played in the story. Did they sponsor his journey? Did they pay for her treatment? Is he a member of DT management? What did they forget to tell me? Or was this empty brand manipulation of a beautiful story?

This is a great example of powerful content and an incredible brand message that have absolutely no connection to one another.

I wonder if that matters.